What’s the most important factor in your child custody cases?

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The most important factor in any New Jersey child custody case relates to the best interests of your child. Ultimately, the family court judge will zero in on the best interests of your child or children when making any determination relating to your child custody case.

Here’s what judges look at when deciding best interests in a custody dispute:

If the child is old enough and mature enough, what are his or her wishes?
What are the physical and mental health conditions of both parents?
Does the child have special needs, and is one parent better able to fulfill those needs?
Do any regional or cultural considerations need to play a part in the decision?
Which parent can provide the stablest home environment?
Do any other children live with the child and do their custody arrangements need to be considered?
Will the child be supported in interacting with other family members?
What’s the age and sex of your child?
Do any patterns of domestic violence, drug abuse or alcohol abuse exist in the home?
Do any of the parents exert excessive emotional abuse or discipline?

Every child custody case is different and the above factors may only be some of the ones that are ultimately considered in your child custody dispute. By speaking with an experienced New Jersey family law attorney, you can gain a clearer picture of what the most important issues will be in your particular situation. Ultimately, in terms of the best interests of your child, your child’s safety and happiness will be the primary focus of the family law court that decides your case.

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What’s the most important factor in your child custody cases?