How Someone Else’s Negligence Can Become Your Problem

No one ever plans to suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence. The types of accidents associated with most personal injury cases are typically sudden and unforeseeable and can include elements like:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck collisions
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Dangerous household products
  • Hazardous medical devices
  • Unsafe commercial properties
  • Aggressive dogs or other animals
  • Unsafe crosswalks or intersections
  • Dangerous working conditions
  • Negligent medical staff and institutions

But just because it’s nearly impossible to foresee these types of accidents, this doesn’t mean you aren’t owed compensation from the negligent party. If you’ve been injured in a collision or accident, or because of an unsafe product, then the attorneys at our firm are here to help.

Helping You Recover Damages For Your Injuries

At Barli & Associates LLC, we care deeply about each client who walks into our Little Falls or Tenafly office because we know the challenges they are about to face. Not only could your injuries require extensive medical attention, you may be forced out of work for a time being or even permanently due to disability. Medical expenses and lost wages can add up, leaving you worried about your future as well as your family’s needs.

With our lawyers on your side, you can more confidently seek the compensation you need to move on from your accident. We will help you collect evidence to support your claim, file a lawsuit in the appropriate court and keep you up to date on legal proceedings. If you receive pushback from the at-fault party’s insurance company, we will talk to them on your behalf and make sure they are providing you with what you are owed and deserve.

Caring And Compassionate Counsel – Barli & Associates LLC

At Barli & Associates LLC, your best interests are our top priority. We will be your guides through one of the worst experiences of your life, and we will do what we can to make the process go smoothly and as stress-free as possible. We are available when you need us and are able to make hospital visits and, if necessary, house calls.

To obtain the services of our attorneys, call our New Jersey offices at 973-638-1101 or send us an email. We respond quickly to emails and calls and are available after hours and on weekends if necessary. Schedule a free initial consultation today and recover damages for your injuries. We serve clients in Passaic, Bergen, Essex and Hudson counties.