What are the best circumstances for joint custody?

On behalf of Barli & Associates LLC posted in child custody on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

New Jersey parents who are in the process of navigating their divorce proceedings will need to consider how they will organize child custody. These days, a lot of parents choose 50-50 custody arrangements in which the children spend half the time with mom and half the time with dad. New Jersey courts also tend to support such arrangements as they are often in the best interests of the child or children concerned.

That said, 50-50 custody arrangements may not be suitable for all family dynamics. Here are the situations in which 50-50 custody can be a workable compromise:

The parents are both onboard with the idea of a 50-50 child custody split and that it’s in the best interests of the children.
The parents can reach agreement on important family decisions without arguing excessively.
The parents live close enough to one another that exchanges are convenient and can be carried out frequently without too much hassle.
Both parents have an interest in being directly involved with caring for their children.
Neither parent has been convicted of domestic abuse, child abuse or kidnapping.

Every parent has different scheduling needs and concerns depending on his or her work schedules. Also, some children will have special scheduling needs depending on the school schedule and activities in which they’re involved. However, there are virtually an unlimited number of ways that a 50-50 custody arrangement can be coordinated between the both parents and the children. If you and your spouse feel that 50-50 physical custody is the right choice, a New Jersey family law attorney can help you put together these kinds of arrangements.

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What are the best circumstances for joint custody?