Two common mistakes divorcing spouses make

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The process of dismantling your marriage could feel like you’re slowly pulling out your fingernails one by one, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you have the right guidance and expectations, your divorce could be a relatively stress-free process. Every spouse will experience the emotional pain of ending a long-term love affair, but the divorce process itself doesn’t need to be contentious or antagonistic.

With this goal in mind, here are two divorce mistakes that you want to avoid:

Expecting your children to “fill the void” left by your spouse

Did you and your spouse fight constantly? Be careful that you don’t fall into that pattern with your children when your spouse isn’t around to fight with anymore. Did your spouse listen to your problems and complaints every day? Don’t ask your children to do the same. Your children will feel pressured enough as it is. Keep in mind that they are dealing with a lot, too, and they shouldn’t be expected to fulfill the role that your spouse once filled.

Getting emotional and irrational during divorce negotiations

It’s essential that you view your divorce as a business transaction so that you can view your decisions and your negotiations objectively and rationally. Some things just aren’t possible given the way a family court judge will likely decide your case. The more you know about the law as it applies to your situation, the better you’ll be at making rational, nonemotionally charged decisions.

When you prepare for your divorce the right way, you can avoid most serious problems couples encounter. You may even be able to reach a swift, out-of-court resolution to your marital breakup.

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Two common mistakes divorcing spouses make