School age children and parenting plans

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When kids are between the ages of 6 and 12, it’s a lot of fun to hang out with them. They want to learn and play and experience the world in so many creative and unique ways that it’s difficult not to feel like a kid yourself when you’re interacting together. Like all children, school-aged kids also benefit from regular contact with both of their parents. As such, divorcing parents will want to plan their parenting schedules to ensure that children can maximize the time they have with both sides of their families.

Here are several things to consider when planning parenting schedules for school-aged children, who:

Are more comfortable with divorce than younger kids because they’re spending more time with their friends and have more involved lives of their own.
Can spend longer amounts of time without having contact with both their parents.
Understand time, schedules and routines better than younger kids.
Can have their own calendars that inform them of the parenting time schedules and other calendared events.
Are better capable of adjusting to living in split homes.
Can adjust to the different parenting styles of both parents more easily.
Do better in their school when both parents get involved with studying and homework.
May have opinions to offer that can help the parenting plans suit their needs.

If you’re divorcing and are the parent of school-aged children, consider the above factors carefully when drafting your parenting time arrangements. Also, you may want to consult the New Jersey laws to confirm your legal rights and options as a divorcing parent to ensure you draft your parenting plan in a lawfully-appropriate manner.

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School age children and parenting plans