Let a parenting agreement improve your life after divorce

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As you move through the divorce process, you can’t help but think about the many ways your life will change in the future.

If you have a child or multiple children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you need to consider the many steps you can take to ensure a stable relationship in the future.

A parenting agreement can put your mind at ease, as this outlines what is expected of both parents in the future.

Here are some of the many details you can include in your parenting agreement:

Information on which parent has physical custody of the child
Information on if one or both parents will have legal custody
A visitation schedule to ensure that the noncustodial parent has the opportunity to spend time with the child
A plan for where the child will spend vacations, holidays, birthdays and other events throughout their life
A system for handling any changes or disputes that come to light in the future
Language detailing the best way for the child to have contact with extended family members, such as grandparents

Life after divorce will be different, but that doesn’t mean you should simply sit back and hope that everything works out in regards to your relationship with your child.

As the divorce process advances, make sure you spend enough time creating a parenting agreement you are comfortable with. You may not get everything you want, as compromise is necessary, but you can make decisions that work in your favor now and will benefit you and your child in the years to come.

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Let a parenting agreement improve your life after divorce