Common mistakes couples make during a high-conflict divorce

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Ending a marriage is a deeply personal and emotional decision. No matter how much you anticipated the end was near, nothing could have prepared you for the stress of divorce. From the moment you and your spouse decided to split, the hostility between you two has only getting worse.

Unable to establish any common ground for your divorce, you’ve both begun acting in spite of each other. Arguments are more heated than ever and irrational thinking has taken over. As difficult as it can be, it’s crucial not to make any rash decisions in that state of mind. While satisfying in the moment, the wrong move could end up costing you in the long run.

Consider the future ramifications before doing any of the following:

1. Cutting your spouse off from insurance

It may be tempting to cut your spouse off from shared insurance benefits but doing so will only further complicate matters. Most insurance companies will not allow you to remove a party from a plan without their consent. If you happen across one that does allow you to remove them, think twice before acting. If an accident occurs and they end up with an outstanding bill, the responsibility for payment won’t fall solely on them. Since you are still legally married, any debts accrued are considered marital debt and you could be required to cover a portion of it.

2. Avoiding child support payments

Whether or not you think the amount you’ve been ordered to pay is fair, it’s never okay to miss a payment. The fact is, if you were ordered to make child support payments you must follow through on your obligation. Failure to do so could result in garnished wages, frozen bank accounts, a suspended driver’s license and possible jail time.

3. Filing a police report so your spouse cannot access the marital home

Be mindful before involving the police. If you are scared for your safety or the safety of your children, filing a police report is a valuable option and should be utilized. It’s important to ensure the safety of you and your family.

On the other hand, if you’re fed up and just don’t want your spouse coming around. There are more productive ways of handling the situation than just filing a report. Ask your attorney what your options are and handle it from there. Any report made against you or your spouse will become part of your divorce proceedings. Don’t give the judge any unnecessary ammunition to use against you when ruling.

4. Hiding money and other assets

Always ask yourself, is what I’m doing illegal? And the answer to this is yes, concealing assets during a divorce is illegal. This is a common mistake that divorcing couples make and it typically ends with a losing credibility in court.

When a couple divorces, financial experts are paid to account for all of your assets and they will be the first to identify when things aren’t adding up.

5. Blasting your ex on social media

Remember that anything you post on the internet is fair game to be used against you in court. Showing hostility on a public forum and airing your ex’s dirty laundry will reflect more poorly on you than them. If you’re frustrated and need to vent, call a friend or family member. Stay off social media.

Consequences of acting hastily

Don’t give the judge a reason to believe you’re incapable or undeserving. Your behavior is a considerable factor in divorce proceedings, if a judge feels that you are intentionally causing problems, they might begin to rule against you.

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Common mistakes couples make during a high-conflict divorce