Ask these questions know if it’s time to consider divorce

On behalf of Barli & Associates LLC posted in alimony on Friday, October 27, 2017.

You’ll never know for sure intellectually whether you should get a divorce. It’s something you have to feel out and intuitively know. When it’s time, you’ll feel it and you’ll act upon that feeling. Until that moment, however, it could be useful to analyze where you stand in your partnership.

The following items on this checklist could be signs that you’re ready for a divorce. If you answer yes to any of the items on this list — you might want to make some changes in your partnership or simply call it quits:

Have you put aside the goals you created for yourself?
Do you feel like you’re isolated from your family and friends?
Are you limited in what you can do for entertainment?
Have you had to change your personal belief system?
Do you have to nag your partner constantly to get what you want or need?
Do you have to make excuses for the behavior of your spouse?
Do you need to walk on eggshells to avoid a problem?
Are you afraid that you’re going to be abused?
Have you lost your sense of individuality?
Do you constantly worry about your relationship problems?
Do you constantly question why you bother to be in the marriage?

Answering yes to any of the above questions means that something is off in your partnership. You may want to speak with a family therapist or psychologist, who can help you determine whether you should pursue divorce or seek solutions by working out your differences and problems with your spouse.

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Ask these questions know if it’s time to consider divorce