The main reasons why marriages end

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If you stop to ask yourself why your marriage is coming to an end, you can probably count on a lot of different reasons. That’s because it’s difficult to pinpoint just one reason why you’re getting a divorce. If you tried to pick just one, however, you probably know exactly what it is.

In the list that follows, we will highlight the five primary reasons that divorcees cite for ending their marital unions:

Infidelity: Physical and emotional affairs are common. Whether the affair was an internet one, or a secret sexual relationship — the feeling of betrayal for the other spouse can lead to the instant breakdown of a marital union.
Money issues: It’s stressful to live in poverty, and it can lead to a lot of arguments. Also, arguments about how money should be spent and saved can lead to two people deciding to go their separate ways.
Addiction: Living with an alcoholic or drug-addicted spouse can be scary and dangerous. Eventually, the non-addicted spouse may decide to end marital relations.
Unexpected circumstances: Life can bring unexpected and painful circumstances. Sickness or a death in the family might not be easy to endure for some couples, while for other couples it could make them stronger.
Incompatibility: In many cases, couples get divorced simply because they can’t get along. Perhaps every conversation ends in an argument, or there’s a simple point of disagreement that keeps coming up to create stress and difficulty. Or, maybe one spouse wants to travel the world while the other wants to stay at home.

Whatever your reason for divorce, you don’t have to end your marriage in an ugly way. With the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, you can navigate the dissolution of your marriage diplomatically and cost-effectively.

Source: Today, “6 major reasons why people divorce,” Bela Gandhi, Oct. 25, 2017

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The main reasons why marriages end