Three ways to avoid a bitter divorce

On behalf of Barli & Associates LLC posted in blog on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

Nasty divorces are all too common for couples in the Little Falls area. Because not all separations are peaceful and mutual decisions, there are often issues and feelings coming into play that make it harder for couples to end their relationships amicably.

It is important for you not to let feelings and irrational decisions get the best of you and the situation. Whether you were married for several years or decades, the actions you take to resolve your separation can keep it from becoming a long, drawn out and expensive hassle. Consider the following ways to avoid a bitter divorce.

1. Take the high road

No matter how your spouse is acting during this time, do not let his or her antics get the best of you. You may want to argue and exchange insults, but your actions can cripple your perspective, cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture and damage your character.

2. Lead by example

Your spouse may be causing all sorts of delays in your divorce case because he or she is mimicking your behaviors, or reacting to the things you say and do. Start paying attention to your own words and actions, especially when it involves your divorce. Work on improving your behavior. Treat your spouse with respect, the way you want him or her to treat you. This reduces the likelihood of either of you resorting to negativity.

3. Establish goals

When divorces get nasty, it can be easy for people to lose sight of the outcome of the situation. Take some time to make a list of goals you hope to achieve in your separation. Memorize it or carry it with you and refer to it often when you feel yourself being pulled off focus.

All divorce situations are not messy. Consider speaking to an attorney for guidance on how to navigate through the challenges and improve your settlement.

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Three ways to avoid a bitter divorce