Three common reasons cited for marital dissolution

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You could spend years analyzing the reasons for a failed marriage and never get to the bottom of it. The mysteries of human relationships are far too complicated to pin down and fully understand. Nevertheless, when a marriage has come to an end, at least one party in the relationship will come to a decision on the matter and make the call for divorce.

Whether divorce was your idea or not, it may have happened because of the following three common reasons:

Substance abuse or addictive behaviors

Addictions are difficult to quit, even for the most stalwart and resolute individuals. In fact, a problematic marriage or marital incompatibility could – in some cases – result in someone turning to addictive behaviors for solace. At the end of the day, if one spouse refuses to or is unable to conquer a substance-abuse problem, bringing the marriage to a close could be the only way for the nonaddicted spouse to achieve a balanced and happy life.

Money issues

No one likes to admit it, but our lives — to a certain degree – depend on a stable income. Without financial stability, marital stability is often at risk. Especially if a couple is suffering from marital stresses to begin with, a financial problem could quickly become the final straw that brings the marriage to a close.

Changing personalities and growing apart

People change from year to year. After a decade goes by, you might be an entirely different person with a different life philosophy and different needs. The same could be true for your spouse. If you and your spouse don’t grow and change in the same direction, it could result in the end of your marriage if you’re no longer compatible.

If you’ve decided to file for divorce, the process of bringing your marriage to an end doesn’t have be stressful or overly complicated. When you and your spouse can successfully employ conflict resolution strategies to your divorce, you can reach a peaceful out-of-court divorce agreement quickly and cost-effectively.

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Three common reasons cited for marital dissolution